Primary & Middle School No.1 village Ungureni, is located in Munteni commune, Galati county and carries out its activity in a rural area, having the advantage of being close to Tecuci town.

Our school is over 100 years old, at the beginning having just 2 classrooms, a teacher’s and a corridor. Over the years extension (1983-1988) and renovation (2021-2011) of the building were made.

Our school has juridical personality from 2011 and functions with a number of 9 classes (reception class – VIII) and 3 nursery groups, the later being school structures: Frunzeasca Nursery, Ungureni Nursery, Tiganesti Nursery.

Ungureni Primary & Middle School No.1 has 8 rooms, one of them being a computer lab (but the computers are very old), 7 classrooms, a small sportsground, a library, a secretariate office and a teachet’s room.

Our school has sanitary authorization and functions in two shifts:
– the nursery and primary level – in the morning
– the middle level – in the afternoon

There are 21 teachers working in our school (3 nursery teachers, 5 primary teachers and 13 subject teachers) aproximately 67% of them having a teacher certification level I. Ungureni Primary & Middle School No.1 enrolled in 2020-2021 a number of 227 students, divided into 3 levels of education: nursery level – 58 children, primary level – 104 students, middle level – 65 students.

84 students are of Rroman ethnicity (aproximately 37%) and aproximately 5% of the students come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Our school has a good collaboration with the Town Hall and with the entire local community.