Galati County School Inspectorate is a public service institution, which applies the policies of the Ministry of Education from Romania, monitoring the pre- university school educational policies.
The school inspectorate has juridical entity and is an authorised officer, its whole activity relying on Law 1/2011 with all the following alterations, additions. decisions and ordinances of the Romanian Govern, all the normatives ensuing from the previously mentioned laws of the Ministry of Education.
The managerial team’s motto is: ”Quality education for a changing society”

Main Responsabilities

• Strategic institutional communication between the Ministry of Education and the eduational institutions, local and county administration authorities;
• To apply the national, regional and local educational policies;
• To fuse the concept and the assessing actions so as to assure equal access to education to the community, to ensure equal access to education for all the citizens.
• To ensure the quality of the eduational system;
• To efficiently ensure and manage the human and material resources;
• To offer consultancy to schools in order to reinforce competitive institutional autonomy, according to the national standards and the specific performance degree reguirements for every level of education; to help educational institutions to enroll in socio economic and cultural development programs, at a local, national and european level.


Galati County School Inspectorate wants to promote an open and flexible educational system, to ensure strategic collaboration between institutions encouraging cooperation among all the actors involved in the learning process, with their individual or group initiatives.
Galati County School Inspectorate assures the framework for the educational reform, as an important resource for modernising Romania, by ensuring free access to education, the quality of the learning process, the educational partnership with the community, promoting an education based on modern and innovative principles. This process must mainly help the ones who learn, and the changing society as well, and emphasize the school’s role as a social cohesion factor.


Galati County School Inspectorate is an organization open to communication, characterised by constant preoccupations for permanent development.
The Inspectorate’s vision is to offer a new perspective on the educational reform, aiming all the components. It also pursuits to maximize the results obtained so far, attain the medium and long term objectives, entrust the strategic partners and make them follow the national development programs for the educational system and the professional forming.


• To train the educational management
• To refresh Galati’s school role as a principal educational institution
• To take responsibility, to spotlight and efficiently apply the new economy- educational concepts: entrepreneur spirit, economic, efficiency, adding value, competitivity.
• To increase the quality level and diversity of the services offered by the eduational institutions and GCI.
• To change the reform and development management for the rural eduation.
• To efficiently use the resources.
• To promote ecological education.
• To enlarge and make more efficient SEI.
• To structure the offer for the high school education, post- high school education and the technological education according to the labour market demands.
• To promote Galati County Inspectorate and the educational institutions in the community.
• To ensure educational services through various professional development programs for educators.
• To maximize the collaborative and partnership management.


• To inform and encourage the educators research on: skill development, career management, entrepreneur education, intercultural education, quality education, IT skills.
• To offer consultancy and methodology guidance.
• To change the professional development offer according to the institutional needs.
• To make and enlarge a data base with the professional development responsibles, accredited trainers, accredited training institutions, institutions that offer educational services, government organizations and non- government educational ones.
• To efficiently plan the resources according to the analyze of price- benefit and the restructure of the school network.
• Partnerships and local and international cooperation.
• To recruit, select and assess the personnel.
• To build team spirit as a part of a strong organizational culture.
• To improve the rural education.